21 september 2008

This might come in handy, too.

15 september 2008

Testar att skriva till Ping.fm på gTalk, uppdaterar min Twitter, Tumblr och andra “sociala” sajter…

14 september 2008

Åker hem från Avesta. Helgen var toppen. Nu är det söndag, igen...

23 oktober 2007

We're the low-art technorati

I love what Trent Reznor (NIN) is doing these days. 2007 is the year Nine Inch Nails will show the music industry, and all other bands as well, how to create, publish and get more value out of the whole thing — think in terms of today, think again, do it different and make everyone else wonder why yesterday's recipe no longer work.

And oh, in about two days Apple releases Leopard. Repeat the rutine: Just comfortably smile, knowing sticking to Apple is the only right thing to do. Watch the rest yell about the Perhaps Revolutionary Ideas That Apple's Come Up With. A year later or so, just watch the copycats doing what's alreade been done. History repeats itself.

4 september 2007